About Jess

Journalist | Content Creator | Road Tripper

A versatile team member

I create content that hits goals, entertains and informs but there are many facets to my personality and career. From road trip journalist through to race team boss.


Covering motorsport, travel, fashion, business and automotive, I’ve worked with the likes of Drivetribe, Business Review
Metro, Peugeot, Motorsport Days and Jaguar Land Rover.


I’ve worked with Cambridge TV, various other local news programmes, Jurys Inns, the You’d Never Believe campaign, and more to create high-quality video content. I also have my own YouTube channel.

Road tripper

I love to spend time on the road, be it for specially commissioned trips such as Route 57 or for an adventure of my own making.

Fashion editor

Starting from humble beginnings as a fashion blogger, I was named as one of Twitter’s top fashion influencers and was formerly the editor of fashion magazine Boutique.

Motorsport Professional

Former Porsche team boss turned Racing Mentor. I work closely with drivers and teams to help them pick up sponsorship, media coverage and exposure.


As a freelance PR I work within motorsport, automotive and lifestyle. My experience spans the past 10 years and has covered luxury interiors, fashion, high-end car brands and much more.

My work

A selection of my online, print and television work.


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