I’ve worked on projects with large brands including Peugeot, Jaguar Land Rover, Zap-Map, and Royal Bank of Canada. In everything I do, I bring big-picture thinking and an out-of-the-box approach to help businesses better understand sustainability and the future of mobility.

Working within businesses to help leaders navigate change and create a clear plan for the future is incredibly fulfilling. My experience as a journalist and strategist gives me a wide perspective on the future of mobility and what that means for businesses around the world. With a background in marketing and PR, I’m well placed to advise on communicating big plans and changes to a wide audience.

My work within a business varies hugely but, for the most part, I create future-looking strategies and lead cross-department teams to facilitate change within a business. With broad knowledge of the future of mobility, I can also answer questions and give insight into the industry’s next moves.

Content strategy often plays a large role in my work, from simple road maps to improve the way a business communicates with customers, through to multi-year projects that include implementation. For some, this is a simple as creating consumer guides to educate an audience, for others it might be more detailed whitepapers and ebooks to present a complex issue — all backed up by a robust strategy to ensure each piece of content hits its goals.


Past projects:

  • Consulting with MPs on the future of mobility and what that means for UK cities.
  • Leading the Route 57 project to raise awareness for electric travel across the UK and Ireland, resulting in widespread coverage during the project duration.
  • Creating content strategies for electric mobility businesses to help them connect with and educate their target market.
  • Led a team of freelancers to create powerful sustainability content for a global tyre manufacturer.
  • Reported on future of mobility and smart city projects for the likes of The Guardian, Next Green Car, Goodyear, and In Motion Ventures.
  • Delivered talks and workshops for individuals and businesses on everything from motorsport to marketing to mobility.