Food photography takes a lot of work and effort. In many cases, it’s more than just taking a snap of what you’re eating. With professional food bloggers, photographers and writers, there’s a often a┬álot off styling that goes into each shot of a plate of food.

Whenever I do a restaurant review the first thing I think about is the lighting and how the photos will look. Of course, in these kinds of situations, it’s so hard to control lighting levels and it’s not always possible to arrange a separate photoshoot. Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of shooting food and drink in all shorts of situations, here are just a few examples.

Norwich burger restaruant

Norwich’s finest burgers – Harbecue

Norwich Cocktail Week

Norwich Cocktail Week at The Birdcage

Paleo bootcamp

Paleo goodness at Team Bootcamp

open sandwich

Open sandwich’s are the staple of a serial road-tripper

Camden market food

Camden market’s finest

Norwich Cocktail Club

Norwich Cocktail Club – Sisserou


Colourful starter at Congham Hall, Norfolk

Library Norwich

The Library, Norwich

Philly cheese steak

The Windsor Food Festival – Philly Cheese Steak in Canada…

I now really fancy some chips…