Quick Look: Rivian R1S Electric SUV

Written by Jess Shanahan

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November 2, 2021

Anyone who knows me will know how much I love electric cars, but even more so for electric cars that have great design elements, and even better specs. The Rivian R1S is an exciting EV that offers so much more than you could possibly want or imagine.

Whether you are looking for an SUV that can take on normal day-to-day tasks or one that’s ready for anything, look at the Rivian R1S. It’s ready for city streets, off-road trails, or anywhere else your next adventure takes you.

This fun, stylish and capable SUV is designed for people who love to explore. The interior also features vegan leather, which is good for the environment yet still looks slick and stylish.

It’s an electric SUV that is more than capable off-road but also has a stylish and appealing design too. It gives you the freedom to explore off the beaten path as it’s designed to tackle terrain that other cars may not be quite as capable of.

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Range and performance

The Rivian R1S will travel an estimated 316 miles on a full charge, giving you plenty of time to get out and explore behind the wheel. What’s more, it’ll also do 0-60mph in just three seconds. Count me in.

Rivian R1S release date

Deliveries start January 2022. The Rivian R1S price will start at $75,500 (around £54,500).

Rivian R1T

Alongside the R1S SUV, there’s also the R1T. This is Rivian’s ultra-rugged pickup truck. The kind of machine that’s there for you no matter what roads you face. The range is similar at an estimated 314 miles on a full charge and it’ll start at around $67,500 (around £47,800).

I’m sold on the idea of camping with one of these. Somewhere warm, though. Who’s up for a road trip?

You can find out more about the Rivian R1S and R1T here.

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