Why video content is so important

Written by Jess Shanahan

Future of Mobility expert writing on electric cars, entrepreneurship, and freelance life.

May 26, 2015

In this day and age, there’s so much content available to us that attention spans are shortening and so few people have the time (or the inclination) to read lengthy articles, even if a subject really interests them. That’s why video content is becoming more and more important as it gives users the chance to see the whole story without much effort on their part.

It’s not just that, though, because video content also brings a reader closer to the action or can give further information on a topic. That’s why I started doing my car reviews as videos too, not only is it another medium to reach people on but it allows me to show people around a car, rather than simply writing about it.

This is a video I filmed during some time spent at testing for the GT Cup with Rebecca Jackson. It was a great insight into her, the car and how she was feeling about the season ahead. If I’d covered this in an article alone, something would’ve been lost and everyone would’ve missed out on seeing Rebecca dance around her garage while her team mate Mike was out in the car.

If you’re not convinced that video is important (whether you’re a fellow journalist, editor or business), here are some reasons.

It opens up your content to a whole new audience

Not only does video content target those users who aren’t interested in reading what you’ve got to say but if you use YouTube, you get access to the users of a whole new social network.

Video content allows you to cram a lot of information into an easily-digestible two minutes, or so. If you become known for great content, people will start coming back for more.

Video content brings further engagement

Shares, likes on YouTube, click-throughs to your site and comments are all ways users can interact with your video. If you’re getting more people viewing your content as whole, those users might even go off to read articles, buy a product or hire you.

YouTube helps you to convert views

If you use YouTube as your video platform, it makes it very easy to add in links back to your website, calls-to-action and more right into your video. This gets users discovering more content, clicking through to your website and interacting with your video.

It’s another piece of content to share

When sharing content on social media, videos look good. Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus will all give a thumbnail of the video, which will entice users to click and watch.

It brings a human element into the mix

If potential buyers/clients/readers see you or your employees on screen then it adds an element of trust to a relationship. For journalists, it’s your chance to show what you can do and what you know. For businesses, it puts a human face to your company, which strengthens your brand.

Video is great for mobile users

So many people are watching videos on their mobiles, as it’s much more convenient than reading on a small screen. 59 percent worldwide online consumers said they find it easy to watch videos on their mobile devices.

You can’t deny how valuable video content is. Are you embracing it?

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