Jess Shanahan to drive the UK and Ireland’s Route 57

Written by Jess Shanahan

Future of Mobility expert writing on electric cars, entrepreneurship, and freelance life.

March 23, 2016

Route 57 is the UK’s answer to Route 66 with a length spanning 2,500 miles across the UK and Ireland. It starts in Plymouth and zig zags up through England and Wales before winding through Scotland and the beautiful scenery of the Highlands, from there travellers hop on the ferry to Northern Ireland to discover the Emerald Isle before finishing on the west coast in Galway.

Roadmaps_MapThe trip is split into chunks for adventurers that only want to do a bit of the trip at a time. However, I will be doing the whole trip in one go… in an electric car. 

With the local knowledge of Jurys Inns, charger knowledge from Zap Map, and a Kia Soul EV from Drive Electric, this trip is being made possible and I can’t wait to set off.

First and foremost I want to show off this bucket-list route and everything the British Isles has to offer but secondly, I want to show everyone that a road trip in a electric vehicle is possible.

The UK’s charging network has come on leaps and bounds in the past few years and the availability of chargers is fantastic. Non-EV drivers probably don’t even realise how many there are. Just take a look at for an idea, there’s probably one in your local Waitrose.

The trip will be taking place from 6 April and I’ll be winding my way between local landmarks, beautiful vistas and rapid charging points. I’ll be chatting to local and national press along the way and will be keeping you all up-to-date on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram as the trip goes along. I’ll also be updating regularly here and on

If you’re a fellow journalist and would like to receive the press pack for the trip or want to arrange to meet me along the route, email me on



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