Travel campaign: Route 57

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It made sense to list this as one big project but it’s something that’s gained a lot of traction and I’m so proud of it. Take a look at for more details on the route itself.

It’s a big road trip around the British Isles designed to rival Route 66 and I’ve driven all 2500 miles of it – in an electric car, no less.

We’ve had interest from newspapers, television and radio. I’ve been interviewed in almost all of the 57 destinations about this trip and about EV ownership. Here are just a few snippets of that coverage.

Turn Eight – Route 57: Halfway round in an electric car

Swindon Advertiser – Electric car visits Swindon

Leamington Courier – Electric car’s 2,500-mile trip

EV World –¬†Driving Electric Route 57 Across Britain and Ireland

Blackmore Vale –¬†2,500 miles round UK in an electric car to dispel myths about range

The Argus –¬†Electric car takes to ‘Route 57’ to prove it can go the long haulJess Shanahan Route 57

Exeter Express – Exeter’s Lord Mayor welcomes motor journalist to the city

Drive EV – Eco-tourists take to the road

Portsmouth News – Electric car stops off for a recharge in Portsmouth on its UK tour

Coventry Council – Lord Mayor welcomes Route 57 car to Coventry

Swindon Link – Route 57 car comes to Swindon

This is Galway – Route 57




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April 24, 2016

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  1. Mark Excell

    Great project. And if it ever makes it to the big screen, I will watch. (Makes a change from the awful top gear stunts).

    Joking aside, 30 years ago Sir Clive Sinclair launched the C5, dying soon after launch, it did show the way. Going forward I cant see why we will be using anything else.


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