The safest destinations to visit for solo female travellers

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March 13, 2018

This guest post from TIMZ looks at some of the safest places to travel on holiday.

The prospect of travelling is always an exciting one – but for a woman going it alone, it’s also understandably daunting. As reported by TINZ, 28% of people fail to protect themselves on holiday, so you’ll want to choose somewhere that won’t require you to worry. Fret not, as these five destinations are some of the safest as well as the world’s most exciting.

Rome, Italy

Boasting a wealth of history and culture, Rome is undeniably Italy’s most famous and exciting city – and, best of all, it’s one of the safest destinations for solo female travellers. From the main sights, such as the Colosseum and St. Peter’s Square, to the endless shopping and dining opportunities, this truly is a city of wonder.

And, despite being a buzzing tourism hotspot, Rome never suffers from encroaching locals and scam artists unlike many other cities, so you’ll have no reason to feel uneasy here. Simply soak in the culture and enjoy the sights, stress-free.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This debaucherous yet alluring city is one full of adventure and culture in equal measure, and it’s made all the more inviting by the fact it’s one of the world’s safest destinations. Amsterdam simply needs to be on your radar – there’s no other city like it.

Being the capital, there’s unsurprisingly a massive amount of history to be uncovered here – hello, the Anne Frank House – but when you’re done exploring, don’t hesitate to hit up a local club or bar and party the night away. It’s what Amsterdam does best.

New York City, USA

As Alicia Keys famously sang, it’s the “concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. And you’ll see what she means when you visit New York City and see it for yourself – from the dazzling wonder of Times Square and Broadway, to the haunting 9/11 Memorial and the iconic Statue of Liberty, the Big Apple has been the world’s most significant city for years, and that shows no sign of changing.

Although once crime-laden, New York City (and Manhattan in particular) has become much safer as time has passed. Consider a stay in Brooklyn to see a different side to the city that not many tourists have yet discovered.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Named one of the safest countries in the world, it makes sense for any solo female traveller to choose Iceland for an adventure – and what better place to start than the capital?

Reykjavik is one of the world’s most unique cities, with an incredible blend of architecture, natural beauty and even some geothermal activity in the form of the famed Blue Lagoon spa. For a getaway unlike any other, this could be the ideal choice you hadn’t even considered.

Stockholm, Sweden

And if you want to continue your adventure from Iceland, Stockholm could be the next best choice.Often labelled as one of the world’s most beautiful cities, it’s also one of the safest – and its charming, scenic setting makes it all the more alluring.

Be sure to indulge in Stockholm’s profound history (the Vasa Museum is one of the world’s most fascinating) and consider a day trip outside of the city to its beautiful surroundings – Umeå, once the home of Stieg Larsson, is definitely worth the trek if you need a quiet, tranquil escape.
Which other parts of the world are safe for solo female travellers? Be sure to send in your suggestions in the comments below.

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